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Home Health Aide & Personal Care Aide

Certified home health aides and personal care aides provide personal care, home management, and other home health supportive services in order to assist the individual to continue living in their home environment when their are disruptions due to illness, disability, social disadvantage, or other problems in the home. 
Our home health aides and personal care aides are directly supervised by a Registered Professional Nurse and are available to provide services such as light cleaning, cooking, running errands, and doing laundry, as well as assisting clients with bathing, showering, grooming, and other personal hygiene tasks. Our aides help our patients with all activities of daily living and are available on an hourly, daily, or live-in basis.
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Private Duty Nursing Services

Helping U Homecare specializes in providing Private Duty Nursing services to patients of all ages (Pediatric, Adult, and Geriatric). Our skilled nurses provide one-on-one care in a home setting. 
Our Skilled Nurses are clinically trained Registered Professional Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), so you can rest assured that they have the right training to care for your loved one. Our Private Duty Nurse provide the following services:

  • Medication Administration
  • Tube Feeding & Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Wound Care
  • Ventillator Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Care
  • Seizure Disorder Care
  • End Of Life/Palliative Care
  • And more...

Our clinical support team is available around the clock working to ensure that the plan of care is implemented at it’s highest possible quality. We will be with you every step of the way.
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Alzheimer's/Dementia Care

Alzheimer's and Dementia patients require a special level of care. Don't worry, you are not alone. Helping U Homecare's caregivers help your loved one remain safe and calm at home. We help with supervision, recreational activities, meal preparation, errands, light housekeeping, bathing, showering, grooming, and other personal hygiene tasks. 
Our caregivers undergo specialized training to best care for your loved one who has one of these chronic conditions. We strive to support the family and help minimize changing behavioral & cognitive symptoms. We offer around-the-clock care options and around-the-clock on-call support.
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Pediatric Care

Helping U Homecare is committed to ensuring the highest level of care for your child in your home. Our team specializes in caring for the most fragile pediatric patients with a vast knowledge of pediatric illnesses such as those who have been diagnosed with cardiac, respiratory or neurological health deficiencies. 
We have a strong team of qualified skilled nurses (Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Professional Nurses) and home health aides with a vast knowledge of chronic illnesses and disease management who specialize in caring for patients with behavioral needs, feeding tubes, ventilators, tracheotomies, and more..
Our nurses work alongside with the agency support team and your child's physician to thoroughly assess, monitor, and create a plan to best care for your child in the home. We provide around-the-clock care that focuses on your child's overall well-being.
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Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

What is CDPAP?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is an alternative to traditional home care. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance program is a Medicaid program that enables self-directing individuals or their Designated Representative, to assume the responsibilities of their own care. The Consumer and/or their Designated Representative is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, supervising, scheduling and termination.

The Role of the Personal Assistant (PA)

A PA is hired by the Consumer and/or Designated Representative to assist the Consumer with their individual needs to live safely in their home within the approved hours authorized by NYS Medicaid/Managed Care. By accepting this position, the PA agrees to accept training and supervision at the direction of the Consumer or their Designated Representative. The PA is responsible for completing the full application and submitting the documents needed to work for a Consumer participating in the Helping U Homecare CDPAP program. PAs are employed by the Consumer or their Designated Representative and not Helping U Homecare, Inc.

The Role of Helping U Homecare
Helping U Homecare is the Fiscal Intermediary. As the Fiscal Intermediary, Helping U Homecare will keep a record which consists of the PA's original application forms, annual health assessments and the information needed for payroll processing and benefit administration. Helping U Homecare only acts as the "employer of record" for processing the payroll, and administering any insurance, unemployment and worker compensation benefits for the PA.

For more information about the CDPAP program, please contact us today!

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Therapy Services (PT, OT, ST)

Helping U Homecare offers Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services to patients of all ages performed right in the home. Our professional therapists provide rehabilitative services to help patients improve, regain and develop the skills needed for day to day life and work. They work one-on-one with patients in their own environment tailoring a plan of care that is specific to the individual patient's needs and goals. Our therapists will assist patients in improving their quality of life without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. 

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