This month, Jackee, our Brooklyn office Regional Director, Elianni and Tiasha our Brooklyn Office Interns and Saskia, our Account Manager, had the opportunity to attend SUNY Downstate Medical Hospital's Pressure Injury Skills fair.
We provided food for those attending the fair and it was an honor for us to get to take part. It was a beautiful opportunity for us to give back to our health care providers and heroes for all they have done and continue to do. A way for us to show our appreciation and gratitude.
As per Eliana's experience: "My experience at SUNY Downstate Medical Hospital as a healthcare worker on March 16th 2021 was one I could never forget. For one, hospitals bring me an odd sense of comfortability, I felt as if I was welcomed, and I was extremely humbled. Serving the RN, the surgeons, any member of that staff from the hospital reminded me of how much serving people, and helping them will always be my passion. Their smiles and gratitude were fulfilling. I am utterly thankful myself, for the experience and wish to step many more times as a healthcare worker in the field at that hospital."