What's New At Helping U

Helping U Homecare

What's New At Helping U

Helping U Homecare is here to help!

Helping U Homecare is proudly providing home care services to a vast number of patients in their homes during this tragic time. Every single caregiver and patient is somehow affected by the pandemic. Nonetheless, we, along with our nurses and aides, are still working around the clock to ensure that every patient is properly and safely cared for. We strongly understand that stress is never good for someone who is already ill, so we are striving harder than ever to sustain quality of care for all of our patients, both elderly and pediatric.

We have the bravest employees out there who should be recognized for their outstanding commitment. These nurses and home health aides are on the front line of the pandemic. They leave their homes and risk their health every day to help those in need. Our caregivers play a huge role in decreasing hospitalizations by keeping those who are at higher risk of falling ill to the virus safely in their homes. This effectively minimizes the overflow that the hospitals are currently experiencing. They are also running, fully geared in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), to assist those coming out of the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19.

We delivered packages of supplies to all of our patients to keep them as well as the caregivers as safe from COVID-19 as possible. Although the price of PPE has skyrocketed, each patient is stocked up on surgical masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers with the supplies being replenished whenever they request more. 

Helping U Homecare is willing to do anything to help keep our communities safe. We welcome any new efforts where our services are needed. Helping U Homecare is here to help!